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The Freedom Friends (Title Logo) by JJStudioComics The Freedom Friends (Title Logo) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 1 0 Guardian Savior's main villains by JJStudioComics Guardian Savior's main villains :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 2 0 Marvelous's Villains  by JJStudioComics Marvelous's Villains :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 3 0 Guardian Savior (Original Concept) by JJStudioComics Guardian Savior (Original Concept) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 4 2 The Adventures of Mister Shorty (Title Logo) by JJStudioComics The Adventures of Mister Shorty (Title Logo) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 2 0 Marvelous (Concept Art) by JJStudioComics Marvelous (Concept Art) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 4 2 Stretchsika Official Logo by JJStudioComics Stretchsika Official Logo :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 1 0 The Elite Warriors (Kevin Chapman Style) by JJStudioComics The Elite Warriors (Kevin Chapman Style) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 6 1 The Freedom Friends (Current) by JJStudioComics The Freedom Friends (Current) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 1 0 The Freedom Friends (Original Concept) by JJStudioComics The Freedom Friends (Original Concept) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 2 2 Doctor Ivo Backstabber and Hugo by JJStudioComics Doctor Ivo Backstabber and Hugo :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 2 1 Stretchsika and Herman Lumps by JJStudioComics Stretchsika and Herman Lumps :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 1 2 Marvelous's Rogues Gallery (Updated #3) by JJStudioComics Marvelous's Rogues Gallery (Updated #3) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 2 0 The Reinforcers (Updated) by JJStudioComics The Reinforcers (Updated) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 2 0 The Reinforcers  by JJStudioComics The Reinforcers :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 1 0 The Heavy Gears Mafia (Updated) by JJStudioComics The Heavy Gears Mafia (Updated) :iconjjstudiocomics:JJStudioComics 3 2


Insane by Ferreira-404 Insane :iconferreira-404:Ferreira-404 21 0 Justice by Ferreira-404 Justice :iconferreira-404:Ferreira-404 21 1 Spidey: Villains by streak663 Spidey: Villains :iconstreak663:streak663 26 4 Plastic Man (New Earth) by Nova20X Plastic Man (New Earth) :iconnova20x:Nova20X 30 13 Spidey and Friends by streak663 Spidey and Friends :iconstreak663:streak663 35 16 Open For Business by Jhonny-Manic Open For Business :iconjhonny-manic:Jhonny-Manic 120 27 Avengers Panel Grouping by RichBernatovech Avengers Panel Grouping :iconrichbernatovech:RichBernatovech 74 0 Marvel Netflix Panel Grouping 2 by RichBernatovech Marvel Netflix Panel Grouping 2 :iconrichbernatovech:RichBernatovech 147 26 The Elastic Trip : May 11th by kecomaster The Elastic Trip : May 11th :iconkecomaster:kecomaster 88 9 Necron #1: Dead or Alive by LTKArtwork Necron #1: Dead or Alive :iconltkartwork:LTKArtwork 25 6 Mars Ravelo Superheroes by XenonVincentLegend Mars Ravelo Superheroes :iconxenonvincentlegend:XenonVincentLegend 6 0
JDubber91 Needs Help
Nobody auditions for the part of Link Larkin because she is doing that part herself.
I auditioned as Edna Turnblad, but somebody else can try that. Someone else may be better.
Tracy Turnblad (audition with a few lines and "Good Morning Baltimore")
Amber Von Tussle (audition with a few lines and "Cooties")
Seaweed J. Stubbs (audition with a few lines and "run and tell that")
Wilbur Turnblad (audition with a few lines and "You're Timeless To Me")
Motormouth Maybelle (audition with "Big Blonde and Beautiful")
Edna Turnblad (audition with a few lines and "You Can't Stop the Beat") [ prefer a male VA ]
Prudy Pingleton (audition with a few lines and "Mamma I'm A Big Girl Now")
Mr. Pinky (audition with a few lines and "Mamma Welcome to the 60s")
Little Inez (audition with a few lines and "run and tell that")
Dynamites (audition with "Mamma Welcome to the 60s")
Pinkettes (audition with "Mamma Welcome to the 60s")
Gym Teacher (audition with a f
:iconkbafourthtime:KBAFourthtime 1 0
Guardianes de Venezuela by david-madrid-duarte Guardianes de Venezuela :icondavid-madrid-duarte:david-madrid-duarte 5 2 BANE by DRAKEFORD BANE :icondrakeford:DRAKEFORD 302 69 Crush - 2017 Promo Piece by OriginalUnoriginal Crush - 2017 Promo Piece :iconoriginalunoriginal:OriginalUnoriginal 19 15
Sale Time
We all do it, and now it's my turn. I am having a sale on Black & White Character portraits.
Hand drawn, black & white original character portraits are on sale for $8 USD.
Character portraits like these:

* Obviously , due to time constraints I can only accept a limited number of orders.
*Payment by Paypal only.
PM me if interested. Please have a description or image of the character commissioned for me to work from.
:iconawrowland:AWRowland 1 8



The Adventures of Mister Shorty (Title Logo)
The title logo for my upcoming webcomic series exclusively at deviantart, The Adventures of Mister Shorty.  The series focus on the surreal humorous but misadventure exploits of a lovable roguish but humble Scottish-American comedian/character actor as well as his friends: The smooth-talking Hispanic gentlemen Conan "Coco" Berry, the walleyed mail carrier Wilbur Poole, his nephew Eugene, and his pet cat Nacho.  
Guardian Savior's main villains
The main villains of Guardian Savior who form The Sinful Six.

Demento - Guardian Savior's archenemy and criminal mad scientist. 

Outfit - The villainous former pantomime performer who use his pantomime skills to commit his crimes.

Clementblock - Former super heavyweight wrestler turn criminal mastermind with concrete steel like skin and incredible strength.

Doctor Snowstorm - A deranged cryogenic genius using cryogenic technology to turn to a live of crime after the apparent death of his pregnant wife, Crystal.

Tara Rantula - A petty thief turn into a half-human/half-spider hybrid super criminal after trying out a stolen experimental hair gem that been in the oven too long.

Gamma Skull - A former NASA scientist transform into a genetically altered being of gamma powered energy with superhuman size, strength, and smarts after suffering a fatal lab accident while working on a top secret experiment.
Marvelous's Villains
The villains of Marvelous from the series, They Call Him: Marvelous.

 Crimson Mask (Sir Walter Wellington) - The main antagonist of They Call Him: Marvelous. He's a world renounce philanthropist from Blackpool, England who's secretly the mysterious mob boss known as The Crimson Mask. He wears a high tech battle armor which increase his strength, speed, and skills, he's one of Marvelous' most formidable foes.

James Robert "Jim-Bob" Armstrong - The Reinforcers' field leader and the brains of the group who is the mafia's accountant and a whip and roper wielder. 

Maurice "Classy" Clyde Steiner - The Reinforcers' combat specialist who specialized in throwing sharp daggers and expert above-average contortionist skills.

Oxen (Clarence Hudson-Garfield) - The Reinforcers' strongman and the Heavy Gear Mafia's chief of security.  

Professor Ratatouille (Prof. Dexter Parks) - A former scientist from Wellington and Mardy Industries (later became WellingTech International) who transformed into a deranged mutated humanoid rat who the sole desire to mutate the whole city of San Francisco into his personal kingdom.

Felina (Edna Wellington) - Crimson Mask's adoptive daughter. A costumed criminal who have the ability to control or commands the cat kingdom, Shapeshifting into any cat on Earth or any animal he has met or seen, and Mimics the abilities of any cat that has ever lived on Earth.

Doctor Squid (Keven Wellington) - Crimson Mask's adoptive son. A boy genius with genetically enhanced superhuman long hair which it's 10 times tougher than steel and can stretch, grow, and shift-shapes to unbelievable lengths.

Adolf the Jumper (Adopt Hamburg) - A German costumed mercenary who specialized in German-ju-jitsu and have above normal acrobatic skills and flexibility.  He often work beside 187 whenever the two commit a caper together. 

Deathbat (Dylan Flint) - Sydewinder's country cousin and Shokea Zulu's Lover. He's a pretty crook with became a giant savage humanoid vampire bat with superhuman strength, flight, and build-in supersonic sonar radars after a experiment from prison gone horribly wrong.

Don Machete (Hector Tabasco) - A gangster-pimp with a bio-mechanical arm which act as a dangerous Swiss-army weapon.

El Funesto (Roberto S. Hernandez) - A mercenary/supervillain from Colombia with abnormally superhuman physical strength as the results from having undergone experiments involving a derivative of the drug Destruction V+ combine with his already enchanted mystical chi force.

King Soulevram (Mirrior Marvelous) - Marvelous's evil and arrogant counterpart from Mirrorverse who rules it with tungsten fist literally. He resemble Marvelous except that he is his polar opposite and he's as strong and so-what smart as him.

Metallitron (Lt. Stefan O. White) - A former Marine and love interest of Naomi Brown who became a powerful villainous cyborg with superhuman strength and an deenegrizing power source against Marvelous, making him a dangerous foe. He's often team up with Sucko in some of their capers.

Plaything (Odette Swanson) - A reform prostitute turn femme fatale who uses her dangerous toys and gimmicks expertise to wreak havoc on the city.

Pyronis (Haman Alphabetizer) - A pyromaniac from the holy land who have a deranged hot blooded temper and the superhuman pyrokinesis ability to go with it. 

Reaperella (Sonia Wellington) - Crimson Mask's biological daughter and Marvelous's former lover. She have mystical superhuman reaper abilities including commanding or controlling the dead, entering another dimension at will, and killing her victim by a mere thought.

187 (Nigel O'Ryan) - A homicidal murderer and pretty thief with superhuman two-dimensional elasticity powers and sometimes appears with in a 2-D like appearance.

Reticle (Wong Wei-Ping) - A Asian gun for hire and an deadly martial arts practitioner who is dangerously known to never miss his target no matter the cost. He is capable of using a large variety of weapons, but prefers using a silenced customized sniper rifle and a special pill which allow him to slow time down so he can quickly take out his obstacle that is standing in the way of his target.

Shokea Zulu - A unwilling test subject from Africa who became an electrikinetic super villain bent on getting revenge on the people who turn her into the woman she is today and Marvelous for foiling her revenge. She eventually became the love interest of Deathbat most to the other villains' shock and surprise.

Sucko (Willie Goodwin) - A former high school janitor who was transformed into an energy-draining creature and would later lead a life of crime. He often team up with his "pal" Metallitron whenever the two pull a caper together.

Technomind - A super intelligent computerized warlord from the Techno Planet who travel the multiverse in search of energy sources from other planet to feed his world or destroy it for it retaliation against his mission.

Guardian Savior (Original Concept)
The original concept of my second greatest superhero in my universe, Guardian Savior: The Dynamic Crusader or Tomorrow.


JJStudioComics's Profile Picture
Jamaal Simpson
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: Baltimore, MD, USA
Favourite genre of music: Broadway, Hip Hop/Rap, Classic/Hard Rock
Favourite style of art: Fusion
MP3 player of choice: Luckywire, Frostwire
Wallpaper of choice: superheroes
Skin of choice: black
Favourite cartoon character: Space Ghost
Personal Quote: I am not Gay!



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